• »World Class Deposits

    World Class Deposits

    Exploration has uncovered over 80 mineral deposits with resources, some of which are of world-class stature.

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  • »Competitive Royalties and Mining Incentives

    Competitive Royalties and Mining Incentives

    The Yukon offers favourable tax incentives and has established mining laws that provide secure mineral tenure and a single coordinated approach to environmental assessment.

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  • »Proximity to Asia

    Proximity to Asia

    With direct access to Asia via two ice-free ports in Alaska, Yukon companies are closer than ever to potential investors and buyers.

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  • »Settled Land Claims and Regulatory Certainty

    Settled Land Claims and Regulatory Certainty

    11 of 14 Yukon First Nations have finalized their land claims. This has provided greater regulatory certainty in the management and administration of mineral rights.

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  • »Well-developed Infrastructure

    Well-developed Infrastructure

    Yukon is far from remote. Over 4,800 km of all-weather roads, numerous airports, clean energy, and internet and cell-phone service keep us connected.

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  • »Unparalleled Data and Research

    Unparalleled Data and Research

    The Yukon Geological Survey maintains extensive data on the geological and mineral deposits in Yukon. Comprehensive databases and interactive mapping tools are the tip of iceberg.

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  • »100 Years of Mining History

    100 Years of Mining History

    Since the Klondike Gold Rush over 100 years ago, Yukon’s mineral industry has been a foundation of the territory’s private-sector economy.

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What's New

Three Yukon geologists receive prospecting and mineral exploration award
VANCOUVER—The Yukon government congratulates geologists Rob Carne, Bill Wengzynowski and Doug Eaton for winning the H.H. “Spud” Huestis Award for excellence in prospecting and mineral exploration.
Yukon government gives mining exploration program a boost
WHITEHORSE—The Yukon government is encouraging mineral exploration by increasing funding to the Yukon Mining Incentive Program. Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources Brad Cathers announced the funding increase last night at the Mineral Exploration Roundup.
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Facts & Figures

Exploration expenditures in Yukon, 1982 to 2011

Mineral exploration in Canada's Yukon in 2011 remained strong — exploration expenditures were estimated to have exceeded $300 million. Several advanced exploration projects returned significant drill results, highlighting the under-explored potential of these properties even at an advanced stage of exploration.

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